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Our Sponsors and collaboration partners are a huge part of our orginsaion, we are so happy that we can present all our collaborations 2020, if you want to be part of our sponsor team then write an email to Frozesport.business@gmail.dk.

Café Marcellos

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At Marcello's, we create the framework for a cozy evening, whether you are on your way to the theater or just on a shopping trip, then we are ready to give you a cozy experience, we are a cafe that serves traditional cafe dishes both for lunch and dinner, our chefs cooks with good ingredients, love and soul, we also have a wide selection of different beers, most of which are available on tap.


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We aim to supply gamers with free game servers. You can host any of our available games for however long you want.1 Our automated system only stop servers that have been online for more than 5 minutes with no players online.


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Here is some information for you to make the most use out of our Discord. LindHost is an ever-growing team of the highly professional team to deliver the best product to our clients. We pride ourselves in our fast service and delivery, our professionalism, and our high quality.


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Tired of complicated CMS solutions for your esport website? We have made the process easy and user-friendly for you! Leave the coding to TeamCMS and focus on your content.


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We want to give ambitious gamers the whole package so that they can be recognized, sign the coolest sponsors and reach far in this world. We do that with branding. Branding is something that is used in all industries and it is a super important element no matter what you are working on. Therefore, we also think it should be a lie that branding has not yet become a common factor in e-sports clubs and organizations, for e-sports teams and single players.

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